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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dungeness Today

Visited Dunge at first light this morning and was extremely pleased to see a pair of Penduline Tits feeding on the reedmace to the left of the Hanson Hide, ARC pit between 07:40-07:50. I managed a few poor record shots of both birds that I'll post on my blog later (

Most of the birds on the ARC were huddled up in the reeds as a near gale force wind blew in from the sea, but I did manage a single female Goldeneye. Moving onto the entrance track I got distant views of the 2 Glossy Ibis at the west end of the 1st pit down from Boulderwall Farm. A Marsh harrier seemed to be continually harassing then so they were quite mobile. Despite checking Denge Marsh on arrival and departure I failed to find the GW Egret, but as I could barely stand up in the wind there I wouldn't blame him for sitting it out in the reeds!I had to visit Graveney mid-morning (11:30) and stopped briefly at Seasalter to see if I could see any Snow Buntings. Nine were quickly located on the beach in front of the huts by The Sportsman pub, a nice flock with about 50% being males. (Adam Whitenouse)

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