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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Colour-ringed TWITE in Bedfordshire

Paul Donald has found a colour-ringed TWITE in with about 1000 birds near Southill Lake. (Directions: Out of Southill village, park on the sharp bend near the Lake, park in layby or near bend, take footpath east for about 300 yards. Bird is in ploughed field) (per Richard Bashford)

Paul added ''Yes, it's a really well marked bird (even saw some pink on the rump as it preened in good light!) so I guess a male, with perhaps 1000 Linnets, though birds very mobile (buzzed by Merlin today, Peregrine yesterday!). Also in the area hundreds of Skylarks, and lots of Reed Buntings, Greenfinches etc., plus a smattering of Corn Buntings and Yellowhammers. This area is really amazing at the moment, must be like farmland used to be fifty or a hundred years ago. You need a scope and some patience to get good views. As Richard says above, it is on the bridleway that runs west-east from the right-angle bend in the road between Southill and Old Warden towards Broom.

The Twite is colour-ringed and I am going to ask some RSPB colleagues who are involved in Twite colour-ringing as to its origins. I only got good views of the left leg, which I think was metal (possibly white) above orange (possibly pink!)''

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