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Friday, 23 September 2011

SANDHILL CRANE present until dusk

As of dusk the adult SANDHILL CRANE was back on Savoch Low Ground at Loch of Strathbeg reserve visible from both the visitor centre and Tower pool Hide; presumably it has come in to roost. The centre will be opened early for those wishing to try and see it at roost tomorrow morning.

For anyone intending to come early tomorrow a little bit of advice. We have had a major arrival of Pink-footed Geese today - some of which may well roost on the pools directly in front of the centre windows. I would recommend that if you are driving down the entrance track please dip your headlights - or even just use your side lights as we have found to our cost that the geese are often flushed by car headlights on the track if they are on full beam - flushing the geese MIGHT flush the crane as well depending upon how many geese get up (currently well over 25,000 on site today). Similarly until you are certain that there are none on the pools don't open the windows in the centre or turn the lights on as this also has a tendancy to flush everything!

Other than that enjoy and keep an eye open for Otter - seen on the centre pools on two of the last three mornings (Dominic Funnell, warden)

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