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Thursday, 15 March 2012

HAMPSHIRE'S finest all still there

The male SPANISH SPARROW at Calshot is now singing away for 3 hours or so at a time, obviously trying to attract a mate, close to Calshot Close. Excellent for photography, has no qualms about showing itself on the ground or on top of the bushes just a few feet away from photographers, posing for the pictures. Amongst the other charities, Viv and Bruce have contributed to HOS as they were so pleased with the way Simon, Keith and others handled everything. The money will go to something special (hic).

The Hawkhill Inclosure DARK-EYED JUNCO is still showing in the New Forest, but the inevitable 'discussions' arise between the photographers and the others, as to how close to go to the seeds. It has been no more than friendly banter, but it did seem that when those closest left, the birds came down to feed. The Junco seems to remain quite timid, although others dispute this.

The ROSE-COLURED STARLING in Hordle village continues to show well. It is easy to distinguish when with other starlings. It can be anywhere in the vicinity during the day. The best time to be sure of seeing and hearing it is about 3.30 onwards. It arrives at Holes Close to roost well before dusk (the first house on the right hand side as you enter, the bird roosts at the far end every night inside this thorny bush), and can be heard trying to attract other starlings to join its roost, always unsuccessfully. It will show itself on and off; t is well used to people, and also fly around the close before returning to the bush, trying to get the other starlings to join it. The residents of the house, Eileen and Tony, are thrilled to have the bird here (they have named it Reggie), and also thrilled to have the birdwatchers who have been 'exemplary and brilliant'. They are considering following the example of Calshot and having a collection bucket, money going towards a charity and something for the close. They said they are so pleased they are willing to invite birdwatchers into their garden.

Ian Julian

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